Dublin in 48 Hours

Hey y’all! Happy Humpday. We’re one day closer to Friday!

I went to Dublin, Ireland a little over a week ago and let me tell you… I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I’m not sure why in my mind I had assumed Dublin would be an “old-timey” city, but it was the opposite! The city center was super modern and had a lot going on at almost all times. I’ve already decided I’ll have to make a trip back because I DIDN’T DRINK ANY BEER. Who goes all the way to Dublin and doesn’t have a single pint of Guinness?! Me, that’s who.

So, Dublin in 48 hours. Unfortunately the weather was a bit meh, so I didn’t get to do everything I’d like to but here are some reasonably priced and interesting things you can do if you have 48 hours (or more) in Dublin.

1) Free walking Tours
I recommend doing this in any city, because it’s a great way to see a few highlights of a city and get some background knowledge on the history of how the city came to be. The walking tour began at Trinity College and went on to sites such as St. Peters Cathedral, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral. These tours are available in both English and Spanish (Possibly even other languages, but fact check this). Also super clutch, because if you’re a solo traveler like me this is primetime opportunity for someone to (hopefully) take your touristy photos! They usually start between 9 and 11 in the morning, so after your tour you still have plenty of time to explore and enjoy the city.


Trinity College

Walking Tour


2) Temple Bar
Before actually going to Temple Bar, I honestly that it was the single bar that’s actually named Temple Bar – wrong – there is an entire area that’s referred to as Temple Bar. At night the scene is bustling with those looking to enjoy a night out! There are bars and restaurants offering specialty cocktails and food ranging from burgers and sushi to Indian cuisine. It’s definitely worth checking out, and of course you have to get your infamous Temple Bar picture! I will say, I did have some great cocktails when I bounced around bars, but the Temple Bar area definitely isn’t cheap. You’ll spend a decent amount on both food and drink.

Temple Bar Dublin


3) Kilmainham Gao
If you’re a slight history nerd like me then you’ll find this place really interesting! Long story short, it’s an old prison that they’ve turned into tour grounds. You’ll have a guide that escorts you through various parts of the prison while sharing some knowledge about it’s history and those who were previously housed there. It’s been standing since 1796 and boy does it have some very brutal and nasty history. Per their records, there were over 140 hangings there, and only 11 of them were private. During the great famine, they locked up any and everyone even over the simplest crimes – example: begging on the street. This crime was set into place by the Vagrancy Act of 1847, which states that it’s illegal to beg in public. Even children could be sent away to Kilmainham! In my opinion, this is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Dublin! If you’re a student, be sure to let them know as the ticket price will be reduced to 4 euro online or 5 in person. Those who aren’t students will have to pay 8 euro online or 9 in person. I suggest booking online as the tours sell out nearly daily.



4) St. Patrick’s Park and Cathedral
So, I wouldn’t say this is an absolute mandatory thing to do, but if you have some free time or are traveling on a budget then check it on. You’ll pass some key city highlights on the way there, no matter what direction you’re coming from, so why not get lost in the city and explore a little? The cathedral itself, along with the park, are both beautiful. The park is super super clean and well kept, and carries a great sense of peace throughout. The architectural design of the cathedral will leave you with some great photos as well! There  are plenty of benches in the park if you want to grab a tea or coffee and take a bit of time to sit and enjoy the scenery.

St. Patricks Cathedral Dublin


5) Museum Hop
While waiting on my Kilmainham Tour I walked over to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It was interesting to see what they had on display. They also currently have an exhibit that shows the history of the museum, property and the graveyard that is towards the entrance of the museum. AGAIN, if you’re into history and/or the arts then check it out. It’s free and a good way to waste some time if you arrive early to your tour. There are also plenty of other museums such as The Little Museum of Dublin and the Natural History Museum just to name a couple.

6) Food
As I always recommend, explore some food options. There was nothing that I could label as a true “staple” of Ireland, but I did have a couple of really good meals. Unless you go to the outskirts of town, you’re going to be hit with some overpriced meals, but I can’t say any of them were bad meals. From my research, Dublin has some great Turkish food, but I didn’t get the opportunity to try any this go round. Two places I can recommend are Bunsen Burgers and Banyi Sushi, both were delicious. The service at Banyi definitely made it worth returning! 



As always, thank you for reading!