Why I'd Move to Mexico

One of my absolute favorite things about Mexico, Puerto Vallarta specifically, is the FOOD. I was not joking in my last post when I said the food is to die for. I'm going to keep it short and sweet and show you guys some of my favorite places I ate at during my stay in Puerto Vallarta!

1) Pancho’s Takos – They have the best traditional tacos I’ve ever had in my whole entire life (and I've had a lot of tacos!). I’m almost, but not really, ashamed to say I ate there three nights in a row. It’s THAT good. The Al Pastor Taco and the Chorizo queso were mmmm mmmm good! On top of the fact that queso and 4 or 5 tacos will be under $20. I liiiive for cheap, delicious eats! Out of the three nights I ate there, the food was consistently delicious. If you're feeling fancy you can even splurge and get a margarita. Depending on what time you go, there may be a wait as the restaurant is very small, but nothing too crazy! As you can see in the picture below, I couldn't even resist taking a few bites before snapping a shot!

Pancho's Takos


2) La Langosta Feliz (the happy lobster) – Best. Seafood. Platter. Ever. During my visit, they had a seafood platter in which you can get a fried or grilled red snapper (I recommend fried), two lobster tails, 5 grilled jumbo shrimp, a couple of king crab legs and rice, salad and garlic bread for more or less $80ish dollars. Is this a cheap eat? No, not exactly, but if you considered the price that you would pay getting that much good quality seafood back home, then I'd say it's a steal. They are super reasonable with trading/switching things out and will work with you to make sure you get everything you want in this platter. The hospitable nature of the staff radiates as soon as you pull up. One gentleman came down to our cab, opened our doors and walked us inside. In the Vallarta way, every staff member greets you and welcomes you to the establishment. You MUST try this place during your visit!

La langosta feliz - Vallarta

3) Fredy’s Tucan – They’re known for their delicious breakfast spreads! Though I only ate here once during my stay, from what we were told, you really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. I also had a mimosa that was wonderful as well. If you don’t try anything else, be sure to at least try a flavored waffle! Everything tasted super fresh! They do also offer lunch as well, which looked yummy based on the pictures I came across online.

Fredy's Tucan - Vallarta

4) Coco’s Kitchen – Another joint with some great breakfast/brunch food. I had the chile relleno, a popular Mexican dish, if you’re into spicy food TRY IT! I’m not too big on super spicy foods, but it really was delicious. They also have a really cool vibe as most of the restaurant is outdoors in a little slightly wooded area. It sounds a bit weird, but it was super cute! Just be sure to put on a little bug spray before you go.

Coco's Kitchen - Vallarta

The above were my top picks, but here’s a few extra places that had either good food, drinks or both: The Blue Shrimp, Margarita Grill and Los Muertos Brewery. You also cannot go wrong with taking a chance on one of the food trucks that's stationed on a random street corner. I tried my luck and received some delicious food from one also! 

I hope this list helps you during your trip or encourages you to take a getaway to Vallarta. It's SO worth it!

Amber Blackmon